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No two fleets are the same: find solutions that work for you

By Avis Fleet
November 08, 2021

Every fleet has its own unique requirements and even established fleets are constantly evolving which means that fleet requirements change. Fleet managers must ensure they are employing the solutions that keep their fleet as efficient as possible.


Whether your fleet consists of a handful of vehicles, or thousands, the only way to keep things running smoothly is to ensure you have access to the correct fleet data. Knowing which data is most important depends on the type of fleet you are running and an experienced fleet partner will be able to help you customise your telematics to suit your specific fleet needs.


Finding the right fleet solutions for your business


Fuel Solutions

Fuel is one of the biggest fleet expenses and there are many solutions to keep fuel spend to a minimum. Fuel allowances, fuel cards and fuel rebates are all options and the structure of your fleet will dictate which option is best for you.


If, for example, you opt for fuel cards combined with fuel rebates, Avis will be able to provide fuel cards for all vehicles required. These fuel cards can be utilised to purchase fuel, oil and toll. A 24 hours call center will support any fuel card related queries. This number can be found at the back of the fuel card. 


The fuel card standard features and benefits include:

  • Payment of on-road fuel purchases and top up oil.
  • Payment of tolls.
  • Back office verification of fuel card parameters such as card status, tank capacity, number of fills per day which limit risk of fraud.
  • Fuel card administrative management in terms of ordering, cancelling and replacement of cards.
  • Transaction reports.
  • Consolidated billing.
  • Oil company alliance through Engen. (Rebates on Diesel transactions)
Engen Rebates

These fuel cards can be utilised at any fuel station but through the oil company alliance with Engen, rebates will be provided.


When a diesel vehicle refuels at an Engen Fuel station utilizing these fuel cards, rebates will be provided. These discounts will be past directly to the customer and will reflect on statements/reports. Engen has 1500 Engen sites (1178 non-selected and 322 EDC fuel stations) throughout South Africa to enhance this benefit.


Last year, an Avis client that runs a large courier service saved R1,258,561.59 in fuel costs over just nine months by utilising a fuel card / fuel rebate solution.


Another client, with a fleet of 48 vehicles, opted for a full Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM). The IFM team detected R1,077,594.94 in fraud over the previous financial year, with cloned cards being the highest fraud type. This was money the customer was refunded (either from the bank or driver). With IFM the customer is now saving around R86,653.15 over a six month period, rather than losing money. R47 Million is saved yearly on all customers utilizing IFM.


Fit for purpose solutions

With every fleet being unique, it is logical that different vehicles will be required.


With a fleet partner such as Avis, fleet managers know they are acquiring or leasing vehicles that perfectly suit their fleet.


In addition, a reputable fleet partner will be able to negotiate better purchase deals, maintenance contracts as well as identify the right time to defleet or replace vehicles. The overarching goal is to keep your fleet running as efficiently as possible with no excessive costs.


Data interpretation

One of the biggest challenges in fleet management is not only collecting the data, but knowing how to use it. That's why you need in-depth fleet reporting. It is fine to collect the monthly fuel consumption for each vehicle, but if you don’t know whether these consumption figures are normal or excessive, you won’t be able to identify the problem. 


Then, once you have identified excessive fuel usage, you need further data to know whether this is due to poor driving, poor vehicles performance or maintenance, or possibly fuel fraud. The only way to identify and address these risks is by collecting all the relevant data and know how to expertly interpret all this information. This is precisely what Avis fleet does.


The data you need to collect depends on the size and purpose of your fleet. A smal, nimble fleet, for example, might need real-time vehicle tracking and route optimisation.


A larger, fixed-route fleet, may benefit more from engine monitoring and pre-planned maintenance schedules to avoid downtime.


Find your perfect fleet solution

The above examples show how every fleet has its own goals and challenges, and that a copy-and-paste approach does not work when it comes to fleet management.


Every fleet is unique and every fleet can be optimised and run more efficiently with the right solutions in place. 


Contact Avis Fleet for help finding the right fleet solution for your business. Our fleet experts will conduct an in-depth needs analysis to ensure you get everything you need to achieve your fleet objectives. 


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