Fleet Management

How Avis optimised our fleet

By Avis Fleet
June 02, 2022

We’ve said it before: every fleet is unique and we will work with you to find solutions. Our client, PacknStack, is the perfect example of how selected solutions can completely transform your fleet.

One of our clients, PacknStack, runs an innovative business where they ensure their clients’ products are always available in-store as advertised. Their motto is “Right channel, category flow, brand position on shelf, correctly priced. In stock. All the time.”


With such precise goals and a commitment to client satisfaction, PacknStack needs an agile, efficient fleet to ensure multiple products and branding materials are updated and restocked as soon as the need arises. This requires accurate scheduling, precise tracking, and very detailed planning. At the same time, this fleet must run as efficiently as possible to ensure the core business remains strong.


When Avis first consulted with PacknStack, the following challenges were identified:

  • High running costs
  • Fuel losses
  • High maintenance costs on their owned fleet
  • Tedious administration processes
  • Poor driver performance


After careful evaluation and discussion with the client to determine their most pressing concerns, as well as their vision for the future of their fleet, Avis made the following changes:


Vehicle selection for application - Avis recommended the diesel Nissan NP200 above the petrol model. Even though the diesel was slightly more expensive on the Full Maintenance Lease (FML) rental, the Total Cost of Ownership (FML rental plus indicative fuel spend) was R900 less per vehicle per month. This is a big saving of R 3,753,000 over the contract period.


IFM - Intelligent Fuel Management - Fuel cost was reduced by allowing Avis Fleet to manage their fleet refuelling per fuel transaction. IFM can accurately measure fuel consumption and quickly identify overspend and then alert the customer to act. This resulted in a R 2,730,070.30 accumulative saving.


Diesel rebates – By introducing new Avis Fleet fuel cards in partnership with Engen, the customer has saved R 324,827.82 in diesel rebates since the inception of the contract.


Management of owned fleet – Avis assisted the customer by loading all owned vehicle assets for fleet management. The business can now easily keep track of all their fleet assets and enjoy fuel cards with rebates for owned vehicles, as well as their leased vehicles.


Reporting - Avis Fleet reporting assists the customer to structure their various projects or end customers to easily identify all fleet costs related to the specific project.


Maintenance cost risk is outsourced to Avis Fleet as well as the management of all vehicle maintenance needs.


Due to accurate reporting, we were able to identify the reasons for poor driver behaviour and worked with the client to improve driver management, scheduling, and communication. Overall driver behaviour improved from 76.22% to the latest overall driver score of 90.2%


Our reporting solution for this client also includes Traffic Fine Management, which dramatically eases the admin load.


Roadside Assistance

Avis also assisted the client with securing an AA Corporate membership, which is vital when you are running such a high-demand fleet. This ensures minimal downtime and quick assistance for drivers when they need it.


Mobile inspection App

With the mobile App, fleet Managers can schedule an inspection. Notifications are sent to drivers once the Fleet Managers have done this and a text message will inform them that they must perform a vehicle inspection.


With the Avis Fleet App, drivers can conduct their own vehicle inspections. All they have to do is to fill out the user-friendly form on the app and upload pictures of the parts that need inspection. The Fleet Manager instantly receives this information from his drivers through our Fleet Interactive portal.


This means savings on the cost of vehicle inspections, the ability to perform ad-hoc inspections, and supplement monthly, bi-annual, and annual inspections. Vehicle inspections in remote areas are less of a problem and end-of-termination billings can be dramatically reduced.


Drivers also benefit because it is a more convenient way to conduct inspections and their safety and that of their vehicles will be enhanced.


In addition to the above changes, clients benefit by partnering with Avis, as Avis Fleet is a Level 1 supplier with 77% black ownership. The customer can claim their annual fleet spend against our strong BEE credentials which gives them a double claim benefit. This is also very important to the customer as it is their contractual obligation to their end customers to use preferential procurement suppliers.


The above example shows how Avis applies its fleet management expertise and resources to work with each individual client to optimise fleet operations and reduce operating costs.