Hot new trends in the Commercial Vehicles industry

By Avis Fleet
October 12, 2021

What are the latest trends in the commercial vehicles space? Linchpin, a digital agency based in the US, recently released its pick of top trends that are doing the rounds in the industry.


Top trends in the commercial vehicle industry

Unsurprisingly, Linchpin links the transformation of the vehicle industries with developments in digital tech and customer needs.


Trends that have been present over the past decade – including value-added services, alternative-fuel power vehicles and electric cars – still have a strong influence on the industry.


Newer trends include alternative or new forms of car ownership such as e-powered ride-hailing and subscription services.


Agility and innovation is Linchpin’s top pick for trends affecting commercial vehicles. It points to the importance of IT departments in strategic processes and the necessity of experts in the production pipeline, product development and commercial departments.


Technology features strongly with connectivity and data, and electric and autonomous vehicles taking second and third spots on the list respectively.


They are followed by usage-based insurance packages which show that shared economy business models are filtering through to the industry.


The long-anticipated self-driving vehicle rounds out the top-five slots.


Sixth on the list of trends affecting commercial vehicles are monitoring and tracking devices. Linchpin points out the value of using sensors and data to the benefit of vehicles and drivers and for better overall efficiency.


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Check out Linchpin’s full list of trends here.


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