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Metrics to optimise fleet efficiency

By Avis Fleet
August 24, 2020
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Intelligent Fuel Management

This is one of the most dramatic ways that Avis Fleet can reduce your costs and help optimise fleet efficiency.


Fuel theft and fuel fraud have a big impact on your fleet’s bottom line and many of the anti-crime devices available on the market do not stand up against sophisticated criminals who constantly find new methods to commit this crime.


Intelligent Fuel Management (IFM) is a comprehensive fuel management solution that has made inroads into combatting fuel fraud.


Intelligent Fuel Management has a range of unique features including:


  • warning indicators for excessive fuel consumption
  • low fuel consumption
  • suspect low odometer readings
  • suspect high odometer reading
  • static odometer readings
  • tank capacity exceeded
  • weekend refuel
  • suspect registration number
  • suspect consumption norms
  • out of boundary fuel stations.
Daily fuel alerts will inform you via email and go out to a designated person in your company. They are also sent to petrol stations, oil companies, banks and third party organisations. Our data has an above 90% accuracy resulting in a direct cost saving for our customers.

Managed Maintenance

This service includes keeping track of which vehicles require servicing and making sure that only genuine and necessary maintenance takes place.


The Managed Maintenance product takes care of these time-consuming tasks. We have specially trained technicians who man the call centre.


Every vehicle’s history is recorded in our database with extensive data of parts, labour and manufacturer service operations, all ensuring the manufacturer’s guidelines are properly followed.


We will ensure that work that falls under the warranty is appropriately covered and service and maintenance plans are also carried out.


We will also take care of other time consuming activities such as checking supplier job cards and invoices, providing consolidated tax invoices every month, providing exception reports, making monthly fleet reports and providing monthly management reports.



Another way of improving fleet efficiency is by using telematics. Telematics can help Fleet Managers keep track of many aspects that are related to the effective running of their businesses.


From using GPS to making sure that drivers are taking the most efficient routes, to monitoring speed, excessive idling and harsh braking.


This information is important not only for reducing running costs but also helping determine the causes of accidents or bad driving behaviour and helps managers determine what preventative training is required.


Solutions for every problem

  • Accidents happen and it’s better to be prepared when they do. That’s where Avis Fleet’s Accident Management solution can help you. We will take care of the red tape and get you back on the road in the shortest time possible.  We can even arrange a replacement vehicle for you.
  • The Traffic Fine Management solution will save you the time consuming and laborious task of navigating AARTO’s regulations.
  • Vehicle selection and procurement doesn’t have to be a painful process. We will assist you with expert advice and a tailored solution to ensure you have the best vehicles for the job.
  • We have a “sweet spot” quotation tool which will suggest the right time period and mileage of your lease, ensuring you achieve the optimum life cost of your vehicles.

For more information about how Avis Fleet can help to improve fleet efficiency, check out our fleet management solutions here.


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