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Carbon reporting and your fleet

By Avis Fleet
April 07, 2022

Carbon reporting is not yet a legal requirement in most SA business segments, but it is fast becoming a consumer requirement. To get ahead of the curve it’s worth doing a carbon footprint audit on your fleet and company as a whole, and seeing where you can start implementing positive changes.

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We’ve all heard the debates around global warming, excessive emissions, and the need to reduce our carbon footprints as much as possible. While legislation is still fairly lenient in SA, we are starting to see the effects of public pressure demanding that companies act in a more environmentally responsible way.


The business-savvy thing to do now is to start reducing your carbon footprint as much as possible. Not only will you gain public and consumer favour, but your company will be ready when legislation does start to tighten upit’s only a matter of time.


In the fleet industry, your vehicles will always have the biggest impact on your carbon footprint. In many ways, the fleet industry already has a ‘natural’ tendency to reduce its carbon footprint because reduced emissions are directly linked to lower fuel consumption which is directly linked to lower operating costs. So fleet managers have actively been reducing their carbon footprint for years, but many haven’t been linking reduced fuel spend to a smaller carbon footprint.


This is where the experts come in. Avis is already rated as a carbon-neutral company, which means your fleet automatically benefits by partnering with Avis. Many vendors and customers are looking to partner with companies who are actively working on reducing their environmental impact and by partnering with Avis, your company automatically benefits from our carbon neutral status.


Not only is Avis itself rated as carbon neutral, but we actively work with our clients to reduce the carbon footprints. We assist customers with reducing their C02 emissions by better managing fuel consumption and vehicle performance. By reducing consumption or acquiring vehicles that perform better in terms of fuel consumption, we help our clients reduce their C02 emissions/carbon footprint, as well as fuel spend and overall fleet costs.


It’s easier than you think and has many benefits

Reducing your carbon footprint doesn’t have to be a massive and costly overhaul of all your fleet operations. Emissions reduction methods can be implemented gradually through monitoring fuel, improving vehicle maintenance, and ensuring all your vehicles are the most fuel-efficient models that are still best suited to your fleet needs.


By simply monitoring your fuel usage and vehicle mileage (all standard fleet procedures), Avis can generate carbon reports for your fleet. You’ll be able to see how your carbon footprint (and fleets costs) are reduced year-on-year. This is an incredibly important move for any fleet looking to reduce fleet costs, but also for businesses who need to show they are making environmentally responsible decisions. This is going to become an increasingly important business aspect in the future and Avis can help you put those systems in place now