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Blockchain and the fleet industry

By Avis Fleet
October 08, 2021

If you’ve been following the technological trends in banking or cryptocurrency in the past decade, you might have encountered the record-keeping technology of blockchain.


Blockchain and the benefits for the fleet industry

This revolutionary new technology might hold many benefits for the fleet industry such as improved data accuracy and asset utilisation.


In our previous article, we cover the benefits of blockchain and ow it could change the foundation of the fleet industry.


Visibility and security could be the real winners here with the access that blockchain provides to information on contracts, document transfers, the safety of items, driver information, parts and tracking.


This will lead to more convenience, better accuracy and efficiency.


However, blockchain in the car data marketplace still faces certain obstacles including crypto-economic issues that cannot be solved by technology alone.


For more on how this issue can be resolved, check out this article by Medium.


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