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Fleet services upcycling clothes with C2CX to empower people

By Avis Fleet
August 24, 2020
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What does the Clothes to Good (C2CX) organisation do?

This non-profit organisation has been running for more than five years. The idea is to take clothing that is no longer being used and upcycling it so that it can be resold.


The idea is that clothing is collected by the organisation through schools, communities, religious organisations, and businesses including Avis Fleet.


Our fleet services company collects uniforms which are still in a usable condition. The employees of C2CX employees sort, clean, remove branding, and prepare the clothing for reselling.


The refurbished clothes go on to people in the community who sell them from informal spaces.


How Avis Fleet contributes

Avis Fleet upcycles all of our uniforms to C2 Clothing. When staff receive new uniforms or when employees leave and hand in their clothes, each item is collected and given to C2CX Clothing. 


C2CX generally pays per kilogram for these items but, rather than receive payment for these goods, our fleet services company gives the money back to C2CX Clothing to go towards their running costs and ensuring the organization can carry on their good work in the community.


Up-cycling is more than charity

The C2CX has a positive impact on the community and makes the economy stronger. Instead of giving handouts, clothing is given to budding entrepreneurs who sell the clothes in their communities.


Employment is created for those who sort and bale the clothing, and work for C2CX in other capacities. In this way the clothing that is donated helps to strengthen the economy and, instead of providing charity, it will help people in the community to become self-reliant.


For information about how Avis Fleet supports sustainability by being committed to fleet services that are environmentally friendly, check out our blogs for the latest news.


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