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3D printing set to transform the automotive industry

By Avis Fleet
October 06, 2021

3D printing is one of the new technology trends that is ready to transform the automotive manufacturing industry in the future. But combining both isn’t new.


In this article, we focus on the revolutionary ideas of 3D printing merged with real technology.


3D printing set to transform the automotive industry


Vehicle production with 3D printing

Back in 2013, Israeli 3D and 3D production manufacturer Stratasys, worked with green manufacturing outfit Kor Ecologic, to release a prototype for the Urbee.


It was the first car manufactured with additive manufacturing technology. Since then, other vehicles have also been produced with 3D printing.


What is new is that low-cost, entry-level 3D printers are being developed and will make larger-scale production more viable.


This will make the manufacturing of certain parts cheaper and the production process easier and more efficient.


Greater design complexity will result in fewer parts being required for designs and less wastage, not to mention more lightweight products that are lighter on fuel.


As affordable prices for 3D printers make them more accessible, it will make car manufacturing cheaper and greener. And that’s good news in an increasingly environmentally aware world.


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